There is no way we would have been able to develop and mass produce Woodie Hub without the help of LPLUS. If you are ready to do high volume in China but haven’t done it before, LPLUS is your best partner. LPLUS team has engineers controlling each process of manufacturing on the spot. They can highly efficiently control the delivery time and product quality. Product designing is hard, but product manufacturing is harder than you think. You need a professional team to get you off the ground.

Marco , Woodie


Just come to contact with LPLUS, if you’re a small company, young team, or one single, with a good design in hand, but no idea how to bring it into our real life. He will tell you how to come true its mass production. no matter, how much the volume you need, believe me, they will give you different proposals of manufacturing methods according to your design and order volume, and really help you produce the item in quality and cost.

Colby, TRIX