1. what kind of products are suitable for your service?

We love hardware. We are especially in love with complex electro-mechanical consumer hardware. We work with what we love. If you have a solid team with an innovative, complex hardware project and are looking to build and scale your company, we are a good fit.

2. When we should reach to you?

If you have your own engineering team, when you are about 90 - 95% of the way to your final design. please reach to us. You should have prototype, all your CAD files, and a Bill of Materials (BOM).

If you just have a good idea, we also welcome you to reach us. Our engineer will evaluate and let you how to bring your idea to product.

3. Can you help me with PR or marketing?

We does not offer PR services. We are focus on what we are good at. Our advantage is product development capability and manufacturing capability.

4. What specifically does a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review entail?

a. Mechanical tear-down of prototype and/or review of CAD model.
b. Electrical schematic and layout review for manufacturability, quality, and reliability issues.
c. Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) analysis.
d. Review of potential quality and reliability issues.
e. Review of packaging and suitability for protecting the product during transportation and warehousing.
f. Review of product safety and regulatory compliance issues and requirements.

5.  Can  you help us design or engineering change and how much?

yes, that is our advantages, we have our in-house engineering team. We will evaluate how much time and how many engineers we need to input on the design change, then we will give you an quotation based on our standard engineer salary.